1. Upon adding the Active Compare module to the page, users must input data to build the comparison table.  If no data has been entered then navigate to the Control Panel.  If you have Edit rights there will be an option for this, otherwise you will have to have Edit’ permissions added for your account.

  2. Once in the Control Panel  there are 6 options for managing your data, for the easiest results go through these from top to bottom.  

  3. Create a Product Group first.  This will be your comparison name.  Once your first Product Group is created it can be set as the default Product Group in the Settings section.

  4. Next create your Products to compare.  Enter a Product name and a Price in money format (i.e. 12.34).  If you do not want to display a price for this particular Product then uncheck the Display Price in Comparison Table checkbox.  If you have not entered a Price this will display as ‘$0.00’ in the Control Panel but will not be displayed in your comparison.  If you have decided not to display any Prices then please observe Step 8 in the Settings section for more information for removing the Pricing row from your Comparison Table.

  5. You can organize your Features you are comparing into Feature Groups.  These Feature Group names will be displayed as headings in your comparison list.
  6. Lastly enter in your Feature list for the Products you are comparing.  You have the option of entering in a Comment for each feature.  These Comments will be displayed as tooltips in the comparison table, but are optional.

  7. Once data has been entered for Product Groups, Products, Feature Groups, and Features; click Manage Comparison.  This command builds a grid for you to set your Product-Feature support value.  To change the support level, click the icon on the grid to cycle to the next support value.  The Legend table below the Comparison table defines the support values. 
    Partially Supported

  8. Navigate to the Settings section and select a default Product Group to display in your Comparison.  Once a default Product Group is selected the module will display your comparison table.  If you have decided not to display any Prices then make sure the Display Comparison Prices checkbox is unchecked.
  9. Optionally you can also enter in text to be displayed alternatively to showing support values.  Click Alternative Text , select a Product Group and Feature Group and click Add Alternative Text to enter this alternative text. 

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